White Plains pediatric optometrist

White Plains Pediatric Optometrist

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If you are looking for a vision practice where your child will receive the very best kids eye care, we urge you to visit us at Central Eyes Optical. Our White Plains pediatric optometrist will provide your child with a pediatric eye exam, and our vision practice offers other important vision services for children.

If your child has eye care needs, and is three months or older, you should bring him or her to our vision practice for kids eye care. Our environment is comforting and reassuring, and you can be sure that your child will have a stress-free time while visiting us. Our White Plains pediatric optometrist offers complete eye exams. If your child needs to get eyeglasses, our frame experts can help your child find eyeglasses that he or she will actually like, and which will fit well within your budget. At our vision practice and optical store, we have over 500 kids frames for your child to choose from, so your child is sure to find eyeglasses that will be fun to wear. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, so you will not need to worry if your child inadvertently breaks them at school or at play. We also carry a large selection of sports eyewear and protective goggles for kids. This means that your child’s eyes will always be protected when they are enjoying playing their sport. We specialize in special-needs cases so that your child’s vision needs can be fully met at our practice. Many times parents are surprised to learn that their child is having problems seeing at school; often children will not think to mention this. This is just one reason why you want to make sure that your child visits our vision practice for a complete eye exam. Not only will your child’s eyes be thoroughly examined for any eye diseases or disorders, but our pediatric optometrist will determine if your child is having any other type of eye or vision problem.

For an appointment for your child to see our White Plains pediatric optometrist, contact our office today.

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