Custom frames in Scarsdale

Custom Frames in Scarsdale

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Custom eyeglass frames in Scarsdale

When it comes to eyeglasses, they’ve come a long way. Not only has technology made it possible to experience a higher degree of corrected vision than ever before, but the frames that go around those lenses are considerably more stylish and fashionable. Here at Central Eyes Optical, we don’t think that our valued customers should have to settle for the same old, same old. Any one of a thousand optical stores could show you the exact frames as you can get at all the others, but with our custom frames in Scarsdale, you really have something special.

It used to be that eyeglass frames were available in only a few basic colors and shapes. Glasses were considered to be only functional appliances. Design was not a major factor. After all, the point of glasses is to improve vision, so you can see why that line of thought was adopted. Fortunately, though, many people decided that it would be a lot more enjoyable to have glasses that allowed them to express their individuality. That brought on the rise of designer frames. The only problem is that how individual do you feel when so many other people have the exact same frames as you do? Now, thanks to our custom frames in Scarsdale, you can truly be unique. There are practically limitless combinations, and if you cannot find exactly what you want for some reason, we’re pleased to get it for you. Let our expert optical department help you to make a choice. The best results are usually obtained when your frames match up with your face shape and skin tone.

Make an appointment with our office to come in for an eye exam, and then let us put your prescription into a pair of our custom frames in Scarsdale. You’re going to be just as excited to wear them as we are to provide them.

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