Contact lenses in Scarsdale

Contact Lenses in Scarsdale

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Many people are giving up their eyeglasses for contact lenses or at least using contacts the majority of the time. Contact lenses in Scarsdale have changed the way people see the world and the way the world sees them. Whether for comfort reasons or appearance sake contact lenses are the vision correction method of choice for a growing number of patients. At Central Eyes Optical our practice offers many different types of contact lenses from the highest quality manufacturers that can easily be integrated into almost any lifestyle but the most important part of out contact lens practice is the custom fit.

Contact lenses in Scarsdale start with a comprehensive eye examination by one of our doctors. During this examination our doctor will use our state-of-the-art technology to measure the visual acuity of your eyes and prescribe any necessary vision corrections as well as examine the structure of your eyes for any abnormalities and to detect and diagnose any current or developing eye disease. In addition to prescribing the necessary vision correction for those interested in contact lenses our doctor will custom fit the lenses by measuring the width of the cornea and take several other measurements to determine which lens is best for an individual patient.

There are several contact lenses in Scarsdale available that most patients can choose from based on their own lifestyle preferences. The most popular lenses are soft contact lenses, which are easy to wear and get used to when first starting to use them. Advances in lens technology now make it possible for almost everyone to wear soft lenses even patients with astigmatism or those who need bi-focal or multifocal corrections. Our optical shop offers several types of soft lenses including daily wear lenses that can be worn up to 18 hours before they have to be taken out for cleaning. Extended wear lenses can be worn for a longer period of time, including overnight before cleaning. Disposable soft lenses are worn once and then discarded. Our practice also has color-changing lenses in both prescription and non-prescription forms that change the color of the wearer’s eyes. If you ever wanted blue eyes or green eyes you can now have them whenever you want. Gas permeable lenses, so-called hard lenses, are also available. Come into our office and let one of our doctors examine your eyes and see if contact lenses are right for you.

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